Underrated/Undervalued ORWBL Players

Written by: Nick Brassell 

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Webster Dictionary defines underrated as : “rated or valued too low.” 

Webster Dictionary defines undervalued as : “not valued or appreciated highly enough.”

All of the guys in this article can play. No doubt about it. Over the years there have been a number of podcasts(sh*t shows), articles and twitter discussions where a lot of the same names are brought up when discussing certain teams or certain topics. 

This article serves to bring to light some of the guys that may fly under the radar a bit or I just think they are really good and need some hype haha. 

None of this is meant as shade in anyway. I feel like I don’t throw any shade throughout the article haha. Just felt like that needed to be said so no one gets their panties in a wad because they disagree with something I had or didn’t have in this article. It is purely meant for entertainment during this long off season that is almost over. 

The household names part of the article are just the guys from each team I felt get a good amount of press/notoriety/respect in the wifflesphere.  

I felt it would have been way harder to try and make it into a list, so I decided to go team by team. The new teams were not included in this article because I don’t really know anything about them haha here is what I know. 

Truffle Butter = Galliher & Other Rat(never seen play) & fastpitch dudes 

Skeeters = Dorans little brother & Kade Stone

Pandas = Karsten & Christy who I’ve heard are good, but I’ve never seen either play

OTF = literally know nothing about them other than they will be driving really far. Hope they have fun this season! :-) 

*disclaimer:  “dude” “stud” &  “guy” are used a lot in this article. Not many nouns to describe good wifflers haha.* 

Also I realize these aren't words lol - underrattedness/ undervaluedness. 


It might be hard to think the 4x defending World Series Champs have guys that could be considered underrated or not talked about alot. Then you start to think… Jonkman Bros and Wes are quite possibly the wiffleball version of the  Miami Heat Big 3. Then you got your guys like Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem. Still winning rings but doing some of the dirty work haha. These guys have the Magic ready to roll for the 2021 season. 

Household names: C. Yonkman, J. Yonkman, Wes, AL 


Shane Anderson 

Shane has been a key piece to the Magic success on both sides of the ball during their run. The dude is one of the most effective utility players we have in the league. In 50 IP on the mound last season he went 6-0 with a 5.0 ERA.  He also batted a .360 with 28 RBIs on 16 HRs. I think he serves as their 2 or 3 pitcher, but it’s worth noting he would be an ace on a non Wes Ellis team. 

Shane is that Udonis Haslem type guy for Maple City. He just gets his nose in there and makes things happen. It might not be pretty, but he will go out and get you 10 & 10 any given night. (basketball reference for he is pretty good) 

Drew Luther

Another Magic “glue guy” Drew Luther. Their Mario Chamlers.  This guy, like Shane, does that gritty, dirty work haha. Nothing fancy. I personally don’t think I’ve seen him play, but I know he is good. I’m 99%  sure he starts in RF for the Champs and he holds it down nicely. When you have so many studs on your roster it is hard to give props to everyone. Drew would likely battle for the top feilding spot on any other roster. In the 17 games he appeared in last szn he batted a .407 with 21 RBIs on 12 HRs.

Danny Hernandez 

The longtime Cult West/Newt superstud is underrated??! Wellllll maybe not underrated, I truly think most people know how good of a wiffler Danny Hernandez is. I think his wiffle heroics just get lost in the shuffle because he plays with so many other high caliber guys. Danny had his pick of teams this off season (didn't realize he would have joined the Leps :( tuffff) and dude decides “Hey man fck it, I’m gonna go play with the best team that has already won 4 in a row, why the hell not.” 

In his stint with EA last season, Danny appeared in 18 games. He batted a .427 with 20 RBIs on 15 HRs. Danny may be a little under appreciated, but I’m sure AL will make him feel nice and welcome ;) jkjk. The Magic are on that 5peat grind and will be even harder to stop now with Hernandez on the squad.


These guys have their SQUAD. They and everyone else knows it. The elite core of Griffin, Willy, Seth, Daivyn and MVZarzee is about as solid as it gets. With a group like that it’s safe to assume there may be a few guys who slip through the cracks. With talks of a deeper bench this year, as heard on Slow Talk (great podcast),  here are a few guys to look out for that you may have forgotten about. 

Household names: Griffin, S. Campbell, A Willy, Daivyn Alan Davis, Zarzee, B Shep



The “people’s” Panther, Tiki (we like you all, don’t get butt hurt), definitely flies under the radar in terms of recognition, but has proven to be a great all around wiffiler over the years. The GP Black stud was shipped to Twin Branch last season in a weird plan to help them or something like that idk haha. Last season in 19 games the dual threat batted a .433 with 16 RBIs on 12 HRs. He also went 4-6 on the mound in 70 IP posting 5 SOs & a 5.6 ERA.

As rumors of Panthers rolling with 6 have been swirling this offseason, Tiki is back with his squad and there are talks of more playing time and more mound time. 2 games on the bump??? This dude would be a cornerstone piece on most other teams. Whether he is dealing on the mound or smacking dingers, look for a YUGE szn from Tiki.


The #7 out of the 7 Panthers looking for playing time, BC, would likely be a 2/3 games a series guy on most other teams. But no one can hate on him for sticking with his guys. His length allows him to make plays in the outfield. He also brings power to the plate. 


The GP Black regular appeared in 13 games last season for his squad. He went 11 for 30 batting a .367 with 11 RBIs on 7 HRs. Based on that he’s hitting a HR every 4.29 at bats. With the talks of the Panthers rolling with their main 7 every week, look for BC to break through even more this year.


Always near or at the top of the NL, your friendly neighborhood New Carlisle Newts are primed and ready to go for the 2021 season. If I’m remembering correctly, I don’t believe they added anyone & they probably didn’t need too. That bench is DEEP.  Everyone knows the Newts will vibe during the regular season and bring the super SQUAD come playoff time, the one with MJ and Bugs Bunny. (I am hype for the new Space Jam tho should be dope) There are multiple MVPs on this team (the owner of Wiffle Talk included).  But who are some of the other guys that keep the train moving?  The non Curless’ and S. Soos’ of the team. The following guys do just that. 

Household names: Curless, S. Soos, Koby, Cotter, J Ryans


M. Soos

I think he is known to most as the “other Soos,” but  Matt Soos is that Cult West/ Newts glue guy. I heard Danny say it on Slow talk (great podcast). Matt is the guy that keeps them level, keeps them hype, keeps them going. That is what you love to hear about a guy. Sounds like he is a real team first player. You need that on a team that is consistently in tight games with championship implications. 

He appeared in 19 games for the Newts last season. While he only batted a  .333 and had 16 RBIs on 10 HRs, I can guarantee a number of those hits were in clutch time. He may be a bit underrated, but that is only because he is routinely playing with guys like his brother, Jay, Danny, Curless, Wes and Reiff. Matt Soos can play and that's a fact that any one of those guys would agree with. 

Garret Ruiz 

One of the only guys in the New Carlisle area to have won a tourney. Garrett is a wiffle freak. Dude is crazy athletic on D and can hit the ball anywhere he wants at the plate. He has played for multiple teams such as Mechs, Muffs  and now with the Newts. On a team full of established winners it is easy to see why Garret might go unnoticed from time to time. 

On most other teams he would be a 3 games a series lock down LFer. Probably batting 3rd. Likely in an MVP discussion, but you can’t blame the guy for choosing to play for the historic franchise that is the Newts. Last season in the 17 games he appeared in, Ruiz batted a .484 with 32 RBIs on 19 HRs.  He averaged an HR every 5 at bats. Garret is a certified wiffle stud and I want the wiffle world to know haha. Look for him to continue his productive play. 

Noah Shail

I am convinced that if Noah Shail played every game of every season he would be the unquestioned MVP every year. The guy can hold down LF and his swing is as smooth as what I assume Fergie and Jesus’ swing would look like. In the 11 games he appeared in he batted a .410 and had 19 RBIs on 12 HRs. His underratedness really just comes with his lack of showing up for games. Everyone knows how good Jay Ryans is. I’m not sure everyone knows HOW good Noah Shail is.


The Cyclones dropped a WOJ bomb…. (would it be a shep bomb? In wiffle? Because brett runs wiffle news??)... okay restart. The Cyclones dropped a SHEP BOMB on the wiffle world this offseason. Mark not only announced the dropping of an allegedly stud player in Zach Christy & announced the signing of the wiffle versions of Shaq and Kobe (the one that wore #8 with the little afro) in BT and WG3. That was a lot to take in ahah. The attention quickly turns to that Brooklyn Net like Big 3 that was just formed. Meanwhile, that leaves a few guys sorta on the backburner, but not in a bad way because they are still the team’s 4th and 5th guys. On a very dangerous squad.

Household names: Mark, BT, Walt


Owen Satoski 

Things I don’t know about Owen Satoski: how good he really is. 

Things I do know about Owen Satoski: the dude is loyal to his squad and honestly gives me glue guy vibes. That is why he finds himself in this article. What he’s doing for his team feels underrated. 

When Mark is playing with his other guys in tournaments, Satoski is bringing a Cyclones team to those same tournaments. I believe last year for Hometown Days (great tourney, sign up while it's $40) the OG Cyclone team made a deep run. Props to Owen for keeping the guys together. 

While his stats aren’t eye popping, ( In 20 games, .308 average with 23 R, 14 RBIs on 9 HRs.) what he stands for is. 


Known to a lot as the “wiffle whore,” Shup is another one of the only dudes not from the usual list of tourney winners to have won one. He started his career with the Silver Sluggers, then went to the Mechanics and finally is entering 2nd season with the Cyclones. I think a lot of people know how good Shupert is. He is a dual threat, with “superstar” level talent. (ahahah ugh can't believe I just used the word superstar in a wiffleball article… mannnn can't believe i'm writing a wiffleball article lol hopefully you guys like it tho because it has been pretty fun writing this lol)

Okay back to Shupert. Really the underratedness/undervaluedness comes down to the fact that Mark just added 2 MONSTARs to the squad in Walt & BT. On the surface it may be easy to forget about Shupe. You probably shouldn’t. While on paper he is probably their 4th guy, he would be the #1 or #2 guy on most other teams. Last season he played in all 24 games. He batted a .374 with 38 R, 38 RBIs on 23 HRs. Cyclones will be a force to be reckoned with this season and Shupert will help them go. 


#KingEm, the County Line Kings had a great season last year after  falling short to the Maple City Magic in the ALCS. Led by MVP JP Kehoe and multi Gold Glove winner Kody Webb. Manager Mike Forrester has his team ready to compete each series. With stud Bryce Bloode on the squad as well and additions of Guy Wilson and Jacob Hughes, the Kings are primed for another successful season. With 4 great all around players the 5th and 6th guys need some love & they deserve it. 

Household names: Forrester, K Webb, JP, Bryce Bloode



The all-league catcher (yes add a gold glove for catcher), Colton Boren is a glue guy wherever he is. Known for his swing off the bounce attempts, the multi “last man in” winner  is a stud. Yes, I think most people know who Boren is. I think some people may forget how productive of a player this guy is tho. 

In 21 games last season, Boren batted a .496 with 45 RBIs on 28 HRs. Boren has been a productive player as long as I can remember. He typically finds himself in that role player spot because of the talent he is surrounded by. I think Boren takes pride in that. On most other teams he would be the #2 or #3 guy, but for now he will keep doing his thing in his Colts bucket hat. And the Kings will keep winning. 


The last of the New Carlisle guys on this list, a part of that Wiffle Dees roster that took home the Peacefest Championship in 2019.  Kadin Abegg may be one of the top underrated dual threats in THIS league. The pitcher/batter has bounced around during his time in ORWBL playing for the Junkballers, Goats, and now with the County Line Kings. He has carved out a nice role for them. 

In 23 games last season Abegg batted a .457, hitting 32 RBIs on 16 HRs. He is not only productive at the plate. On the mound he went 7-1 in 50 IP with a 7.50 ERA. The stats are there. The stats show a high caliber dual threat. I think with super duper studs on the team one can see why the 5th and 6th guys can be overlooked. Abegg would be an ace on most other teams batting in the 3 hole. These guys embrace their roles tho. Team first baby, team first. #KingEm 


A rather quiet offseason from the Meatspins aka Granny’s Quilt aka AL’s biggest fans. It has been confirmed both Rieffs are on the team still. Wiffle God Joey Shuster and his monster calves are on the roster as well and it will be interesting to see if they can get some more time from him. They make a move to the travel friendly NL, look for them to be fighting for a top 3 seed. As you will see down below, I don’t know a whooooole lot about the Meatspins & there's a good chance I’m not alone. These guys are studs tho, no doubt about it. 

Household names: Anthony Rieff 


Meatspins as a team

Back in the league, the Meatspins or Granny’s Quilt, found themselves in the ALDS last season vs their best friend, AL’s, team. To be honest, I really don’t know these guys, I can’t put a name to a face. Let's be honest tho that is probably because they are always winning in tourneys and we are always losing in tourneys haha. The fact that I can only name the Reiff bros just screams how underrated/undervalued the Meatspins are.

Maybe you are sitting here reading this thinking “mannnn come on Brassell, you don’t know these guys?!” Yeah, I'm sorry, I really don’t. I KNOW they are good and I also think they are funny on twitter lol.

I know they have studs tho. You have monhauts cousin, Dan the cat, bandana guy and rhino. Okay so maybe I do know a little bit about them lol. Either way, I think they are ready to show ORWBL what’s up in their 1st season in the NL. 

The guys that need some recognition: Eric Woodrich (.444,  28 RBI, 15 HR)  Nick Thoman (.411 37 RBI, 23 HR) and Ryan Warmouth (.543, 37 RBI, 22 HR). They also have Joey Shuster on the roster. When they can get their full squad to games they are a top 5 team in THIS league. 


Leps have been doing their thing. We greatly benefited from the BFAM split as Austin Traxler joined his long time friend and former Shark teammate, Lev Miller. These two guys make up a great 1-2 punch for us. They are our Magic Man & El Diablo shaking and baking ahahah (if you don’t chew big red than fck youu) ahah anyways back to us. We’ve been trying our best out here to have the most fun and also be competitive. Fan favorite Mookie will step into his role as Ambassador of Morale and I’ll do my best to keep the sh*t show that is the Lynn Street Leprechauns under control lol. Jk just gotta babysit Mooks. Who are the other guys that keep us going? 

Household names: Lev, Traxler, Mookie, N. Brassell (I’m writing the article?? Like is it cool I put myself lol I feel like most people associate me with the Leps?? So I’m just gonna go for it haha)



Zach Brassell, aka Zeebs, aka Bitcoin Bro, aka Clubber Lang, aka my older brother ahaha. Man Zeebs has the clutch gene. Typically a game 1 and 2 player for us because by game 3 most times he’s snoop dogged up or too many Mookie tequila shots deep ahha. I think his  underratedness/undervaluedness comes from his quiet approach and the fact that we have Mooks on our team who has enough personality for the entire ORWBL lol. 

With the loss of Guy Wilson, Zeebs will step into RF as our opening day starter. The “Leps 2” stud (Zeebs played LF and batted 3rd in Hometown Days- great tourney & only $40 rn) has a good balance of power and contact at the plate. Last season he appeared in 19 games for us, batting a .313 with 16 RBIs on 10 HRs. While the numbers may not be eye popping, Zeebs is primed for another solid season in his role for us. #Bitcoin 

Nate Dawg Hansen 

The certified Leps #GlueGuy, Nate Hansen or “Nate Dawg” is a goat. I hope most people know who he is. I don’t think enough people do though. He helps run Worlds and puts a lot of time into that tourney to make it happen (sign up!!!). A half timer for us, (the guy lives in crown point so can’t blame him) Nate Dawg has us #FueledByBuschLite and playing our best ball when he’s in appearance. Welllll expect for last season when the Goons took 2 from us haha. 

The guy is a 2 way threat. On the mound and at the plate, equally as dangerous. Known for his “Kamikazee” off the mound, putting his body on the line. He went 3-2 for us in 40 IP with an 8 ERA. During our series vs the Goats he was named WiffleTalk player of the week. At the plate in 9 games played Nate went 19/41 (.463) he had 23 RBIs on 15 HRs. His HR to At bat ratio is 2ND in the ENTIRE league. He is sandwiched between the 2 MVPs of the league.

  1. JP -  HR every 2.26 ABs

  2. Nate DAWGGG -  HR every 2.73 ABs

  3. Zarzee -  HR every 2.85 ABs. 

Nate Hansen is a tank, if Bowser from Mario had a nice version that would be Nate Dawg. Smacking dingers, diving on the ground and smashing Busch. One of my favorite guys in the league. If Nate can show up to 5 or 6 or even 7 series for us this year that will be huge and I think people will take even more notice of him.


While it may have been considered a down year for the HL Heat, they bring back that same established core that knows how to play wiffle and know how to win games. In the same season they dropped 2 to us and took one from the Panthers. A lot of it comes down to the work schedules their guys find themselves on. A roster made up of 2 former MVPs in Bails and Bob is a good start. Monhaut has established himself as one of the top Utility players in the league with his ability to pitch, bat and field. In the ever daunting AL, the Heat are ready to #Runitback. They also added Mikey Smith to the squad and lost Dustin Curl to his job in Florida. The guys I’m about to talk about are known. I mean we’ve been wiffling for awhile now so it’s hard to forget these guys, but I think some might every now and then.

Household names: Monhaut, Bails, Bob 



Ben “McNasty” McDonald might swing the bat harder than anyone in the league. One time he smacked one so far it went through the basketball hoop that sits deep in Right Center Field at Rocko's Park. The Heat don’t keep stats, but if they did, Ben’s stats would easily be .500 50RBI 35 HRs. The dude is that good. He has been a HL Heat staple since their entry into the league. The reason he falls on this list might just be his quiet approach, it might be the fact that the Heat don’t keep stats. Could be both. Either way, if you forgot about Ben and the Heat, I suggest you do some remembering because they are gonna be out looking for some W’s this season. 


The HL Heat ace, Doug Benner, is arguably the fastest player off the mound to make plays. His long legs and slides give him the ability to make those tuff plays that a fair amount of pitchers can’t make. On the other side of the ball, Doug uses that speed to get down the line. Doug knows his power hitters behind him will bring him around. Doug doesn't have any fancy pitches or crazy flare at the plate. He shows up, slams a few drinks and plays his role. Maybe that’s why he finds himself on this list. If the Heat were to keep stats I could see Doug’s avg falling in the .400-500 range, scoring like 50 Runs. Like I said above, the Heat will be back next year. Be ready. 


The Goats may have had what some would consider a “down” year in ORWBL. However they ended the season making a championship run at Worlds. With some strong momentum going into 2021 the Goats are feeling good. The wiffle version of Wario and Walugi, Doran and Oletti carry the “other” Granger team. Don't get me wrong I love the goats and they know that. The reason I ended up choosing to compare them to Wario and Walugi is because I feel like Mario and Lugi don't listen to Snoop Dogg, while the former 100% does haha.

Okay back to the Goats haha. They apparently have signed a 5th guy, wonder if it's who is at the bottom of the article in the bonus section hmmmmm they will be even dirtier. Doran you should quote this tweet with your new signing announcement. That would be tight. Twin Branch is ready to get back to their winning ways in ORWBL as they make a move to the AL. These other goats will surely need to be on their game as well. They usually are. 

Household names: Doran, Oletti



The Billy Goat catcher most games, Keigen White, is a name that should be known in the wiffleverse. The dude is like a silent killer tho, don't hear him say a whole lot. Kinda reminds me of the wiffle version of Ed Reed or Dennis Rodman. Gets up there and swings about as gah damn hard as he can. (Sidenote I don't have a ton of like baseball familiarity when it comes to my similes/metaphors because I know football and basketball a little better) Okay let me try a baseball comp. Keigen White is the wiffle version of Alfonso Soriano. Dude hit dingers!

Okay so perhaps the underrattedness/undervaluedness just  comes from his quiet approach. He also plays with some well known guys in Doran and Oletti. In the 21 games he appeared in White batted a .365, clubbing 39 RBIs on 25 HRs. Those are high caliber stars. Be aware, Keigen White is forreal. 


Frankie is probably the more well known one out of the 2, but I don’t think he’s known well enough. At times Frankie is the Goats best player. I feel that when you have a 1-2 punch like Doran and Oletti it is easy to see why the 3rd and 4th guys can slide under the radar. This dual threat is ready to continue his solid play and help bring the Goats back to their 2019 type of play.

The 2 time all star reserve, Minerva, appeared in 22 games for the Goats, mainly in CF I believe. He also took the mound for 22 innings posting a 1-2 record with a 7.9 ERA. At the plate is where the Donkey Kong esque batter (dude was a stud on mario baseball for nintendo game cube) thrives. The guy straight up  punishes the ball. Frankie notched a .462 average, blasting 35 HRs with 41 RBIs. In a competitive AL, and ORWBL in general, look for Frank to:

A. Keep destroying wiffle balls 

B. Keep bumping snoop dogg. 

Rock on Frankie. #certifiedGuysGuy 


The Wildcards put forth a solid season last year led by AL ROY DJ Hill and AL MOY Zach Rehlander. The Cards have a great core of players. They like to smash beerskis during the game. They are some good ass dudes, what's not to like.  I think DJ took the league by storm last year with his splash onto the ORWBL scene (.600 AVG 71 RBIs on 32 HRs damnnnn)  as it came down to him vs JP for AL MVP. Zach also had a heck of a year. (.587 32RBI on 13 HRs with 52 runs scored) These two guys got some recognition with the awards, but there are some other guys on the Cards that need some love.

Household names: Rehlander, DJ Hill


The funny thing about these 2 guys is that several years back, I think it was our 1st year in the League, so like our OG team of Curl, Myself, Zeebs, Ev and Plonka haha. We were playing them after Plonkas grad party. Okay so it was like Rhelander, Luke, and maybe Layman?? They were about to pick up 2 little kids that were riding their bikes around. Then out of nowhere a truck comes around the corner and out pops Carlisle and Amendt, 2 guys about as big as Larry the Lobster from Spongebob. I don’t think they had played in a long time and boom they sweep us lol. 


The 2012 New Prairie QB has been ripping homers every since that day a few years back. Carlisle is a tank. He’s made the all-star game a few times I believe. He’s getting a bit of recognition, but I feel like not everyone knows how great of a hitter this guy is. Or who he is in general, with the league ever growing it’s hard to know every player on every team. In the 18 games he appeared in, Cody batted a .579 with 44 RBIs on 21 HRs. The Cards have a crew & this guy is a big part of it.  


Like his friend Carlisle, Al Amendt hits BOMBS. The guy’s a former NP baseball stud if I’m remembering correctly. A few years back when our field was like 110 feet. Amendt rocked one over our house into the driveway. As Mooks would say “this guy hits piss missiles from hell.” He played in 21 games, averaging .479 with 37 RBIs on 37 HRs. I think a good amount of people realize how dangerous this Wildcard team can be. They have 4 elite hitters on the roster. But I don’t think everyone knows the type of player Allen Amendt is. 


The Godfathers and GM Matador Smith  have quietly been adding pieces over the past few seasons. You got Whitt meow, ANDY BIG STICK SIRADSKI, Johnny Prem,  just picked up Nick and Chaz from the BFAM breakup. Rumor has it they are adding the catcher from Clutch Players, SO damnnnnn Godfathers are looking good on paper. When you think Godfathers you instantly think of the man himself, Mattyyy. When he’s not taking souls, he’s putting together a damn good wiffelball team who loves jamming to Snoop D O double G.

Household names: Matador, Siradski



Coach Haase underrated/undervalued??? Honestly, yeah, I think he is. Not only does this crafty vet hold it down in LF for the Fathers, he also hits absolute dong shots on the regular. Having a guy like Matador on your team whose sex appeal steals the show or a Clutch Players HR GOD in Andy Siradski, it makes sense to why Haase may be falling under the radar a bit as of late.   

The Godfathers are on the come up though with some of their new additions & I see them winning more and more. Coach Haase will continue to be vital in their Ws. Last season the Coach appeared in all 24 games for Great Lakes in LF, batting a .415 with 33 RBIs on 24 HRs. The dude is IRONmanning it for his team, props to Haase. The mans a goat and one of my favorite guys in ORWBL. 


One of the BFAM casualties, Chaz, found a new home with the Great Lakes Godfathers. The dude is a player, but with names like Walt, BT and Traxler on the squad it makes sense to why Chaz may not have gotten more attention. His move to GL may help with that. I would expect their outfield to look like Haase LF, Chaz CF and Andy RF. That is pretty dirty. 

Boyd finished top 3 in the NL Gold Glove vote. He is known for his crazy leaping ability in CF, making #SCTOP10 like snags. It's not like he can’t hit tho. Chaz played in all 24 games for the BFAM last season putting up a .386 with 35 RBIs on 24 HRs. The stats are there. The recognition is on the way. Look out for the Godfathers this season. 


The man, the myth, the legend. Maybe it's the swaggy outfits, maybe it's the drippy pony tail. Or maybe it's the MOON shots the dude hits. Whatever it may be, I don’t think enough people know that Prem is a goat. The former Cabo Yabo turned Godfather is probably only a half timer in terms of ORWBL. The guy has been wiffling for a minute tho. He makes frequent appearances at tournaments with Malrot! I’ll Have Another and Club Ripped. He is one of the masterminds behind Worlds. 

I really just feel like not everyone knows who this guy is. I hope Prem is more of a frequent flyer for the Godfathers this season. Last season he appeared in 11 games, putting up a .363 with 15 RBIs on 9 HRs. These are not eye popping stats, but trust me,  Prem is a beast. 

Goon Squad

The Goon Squad made some wiffle news when a few of their guys in Karsten and Strauch threw up the Tyreek Hill peace sign and headed to the Pink Pandas. Some dude they are calling Scuba Steve made them feel sorry in a random scrimmage in March a week or so ago tho lol. We will see what this season brings for the Goon Squad, they did take 2 from us last year so we definitely won't be taking them lightly this year. They have a solid core that remains and a few guys who deserve some love. 

Household names: Osburn 


Josh Trim

This dude did win NL ROY last season and rightfully so. He helped his Goonies steal 2 from us Leps last year. He was black hole in LF and I was honestly getting mad he was eating everything up. Trim also put up 19 RBIs and 11 HRs for his squad.  Hard to be underrated when it's only your 2nd season, but I felt like I could find at least 1 guy on each team.  Not sure what the Goons will do this season, but this guy will be a key part of it. 

Evan Walters

After some further digging it appears the Goons may have another player flying under the radar a bit. While I’m not completely sure he is still on their team or not, Evan Walters put up some solid numbers last season for the GS. I believe he starts in RF. Like I mentioned above, the Goons did snag 2 from us & Walters was a part of it. 

He appeared in all 24 games and batted a .404 with 23 RBIs on 15 HRs. While the Goons may have lost a few of their guys, don’t count them as easy wins. I Saw they took 3 from their buddies the Pink Pandas the other day. Win or lose, Walters will be a key factor in how the season plays out in Union Mills. 


Jake Lawernce 

Where in the world is Jake Lawerence? J Law, The ORWBL journeyman and longtime EA centerpiece is on the open market right now and has people wondering where he’s gonna end up. My guess is Billy Goats because the dudes on Slow Talk (great podcast) have been saying the Goats signed someone. Jake is one of the only remaining free agents. 

Anyways, I feel as if JLAW is a bit underrated/undervalued. Yeah, I do think a lot of people know him. He has been in the league for a minute, but I still feel like he flies under the radar a bit. His scrappy style of play off the mound puts him near the top of fielding pitchers in the league. The guy also has a club & not to mention he is durable. He appeared in all 24 games last season for EA. He had 39 RBIs on 25 HRs, batting a .378. Yeah he went 5-17 on the mound, but the league is tuff and people probably started to lock onto him after a few games. In a situation where Law is pitching 1 or 2 games a series & getting about 10-15 ABs, I see him succeeding greatly this season.

Wrap Up

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. It was fun putting some of my wiffle thoughts on paper. Feel free to comment on anyone you think I missed or things you liked or didn't like about the article. If you have any ideas for content for WiffleTalk just hit up Cotter and he will be more than happy to let you contribute. Sign up for all the Tourneys! Cam Snead, HD Classic, Hometown Cup, Worlds! And any others I’m missing! Okay here's a pic of 2 of the Lynn Street Leps biggest fans. Milo and Lulu. Thanks again for reading, goodluck to all & I’ll see you guys around this season.

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